• The Devil's Luck


  • Easy on the eyes, Kate thought, when the tall, dark-haired stranger walked in.

    — The Prize Prince

  • Without warning, three shots rang out in quick succession, ricocheting off the wall of the defunct services block.

    The Prize Prince

  • The jet screamed overhead as it descended rapidly. Small clouds of smoke pillowed and then quickly dissipated as its wheels hit the tarmac.

    The Prize Prince

  • One shot was sufficient; a jet of blood spewed from the prisoner’s skull and sprayed Bailey’s tee shirt.

    The Prize Prince


  • From midway through chapter two I was hooked, like a greyhound after a hare turning each page, chasing down the story. It’s engaging, exciting and very fast paced.

    Michelle, Dublin.

  • This debut conspiracy (terrorism) thriller is a truly realistic read; an inside look into this sort of world where detectives are pitted against merciless killers with an unknown target and a race against the clock to stop the next attack.

    LHG on www.amazon.com

  • Detective Kate Bowen, the story’s main character, is well defined, utterly human, hopelessly dedicated and driven in her mission, and has the character and complexity to grab your heart and sustain this series.

    Tim on www.amazon.com

  • … the book is fast paced and propels you straight into the world of international terrorism and crime detection. Overall I enjoyed the book and was gripped from relatively early on.

    Rachel on www.amazon.co.uk

  • An interesting mix of characters interact with Kate and she must deal with the pressures of her professional and love life. I really enjoyed it and would recommend it as a good read for the Christmas period or summer vacation.

    Phillip on www.goodreads.com

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    The Devil's Luck

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